Блаженна жизнь, пока живешь без дум.


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  1. Black Brooklyn”. That is not going to happen! The African American community in BK is too strong and has too much going for it. There are so many opportunities for expression here, it is unbelievable that some feel taking away any “dumbing-down” activities is somehow going to eradicate AA Culture.

  2. Hey Charles,It seems like I managed to get myself stuck in the Cyanogen mod 7 boot animation I followed your step of wiping cache, but in the open recovery system, it only had options to wipe the cahce partition or wipe the delivch *something* cache. So I ended up doing both. Something must have gone wrong, clearly, my phone is just stuck in the cycle! Is there anyway to go back and fix it?Cheers,Ariba

  3. Chloe – I had the honor of seeing the finished product up close but after watching how you made it, its even more amazing and beautiful. I love the uniqueness of the bow tie.

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